Friday, March 27, 2009

Black and White - Business can be simpler, but HOW?

Business can be simpler, more like Black and White. We are moving toward simplicity through systems. Let me introduce you to the 4 most important systems that should exist in your business. If you are struggling, read on and see if you can relate.

So where did my revelation to the secret come from? In 2005, after completing my MBA, I realized that all businesses are the same, sort of generic. So many owners or want to be owners get hung up on what they want to do or what they want to sell. If they would focus instead on learning the 4 core functions of a business, they would quickly find that all businesses are the same. Yes, all of them. All businesses have AT least the 4 core functions; Marketing, Finance, Operations and Management. Some guru's would likely pick an argument on only selecting 4, but remember the theme behind my blog, black and white; we want to keep it simple.

In my work with Holt and implementing systemic processes in companies for over 5 years, I have created a new version called POWER4systems. POWER4Marketing, POWER4Finance, POWER4Operations and POWER4 Management represent systemic templates for each of the core functions of a business. Utilizing the POWER4system in a business allows the owner to get proven, predictable results from their business.

Systems + People = Sustainable Results.

The POWER4system is based on a concept called the Synergy Force created by Gary Holt of Saginaw Michigan and has successfully utilized the system to help small to medium sized business owners to achieve success that the owners would have never thought possible. The secret? Becoming a Systemic, Process driven Company. So what makes this system different? I have experience utilizing 2 other consultants besides Holt in my business experience. The gentlemen were great. They were smart and knew business very well. The difference? Approach is the difference. They were able to come into our business for a few days, tell us what's wrong and then they go back home. They would get us excited for change and then within a few days we would slide right back to where we were before. Then we would have them come back a few months later and do the same thing, over and over again but we never could seem to get traction. They were making money, but we were not getting anywhere.

The POWER4systems are a different approach and those that utilize the system are not that type of consultant. We will surely determine what is going on in your company, but we take a long term approach and stay with you month by month to hold you and your Company accountable. How do we do that?

The POWER4system Needs Analysis identifies your most critical problem and then progressively builds a systemic, documented system to correct the problem and then monitor the success of its implementation. But don't think once you create the system, that you can walk away. You must constantly improve and adapt your systems to be successful. Accountability is easy to track as the POWER4system is progressive. The System doesn’t lie and will flush out if you or your employees haven't done your homework. Since it is a process, your progress can easily be followed and even though at times you may feel like you are not making any headway, when in fact small changes will occur in your business that will begin to add up over time.

So are you ready for Black and White? How many colors are in your business? I would be most are not simplistic, but let me know what you think.

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