Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Black and White - Is it really that simple?

I have been there. I have asked those same questions and struggled for years to find the answers. Haven't we all tried to make life simpler than it is? I thought a college degree would give me all the answers to business ownership. That didn't work so I thought maybe a Masters degree would do it. Nope, still had a business failure after that! Hmmmmmm....what could it be? I asked myself over and over again while beating myself up for the failure. Fortunately for me, I found help, the help I needed to bring it all together. I had to get help because even after all the years of experience and formal education, something was still missing. I had so many questions out there and I just couldn't figure it out. I have struggled in many types of businesses and business situations in my past with some successes, some failures. Even though some of the failures seemed like I was resting the bottom of a Swiss valley with no way out, I still managed to create success out of failure as the experience has gotten me to this point where I am at today. I have never been so excited about the future. I have discovered the common denominator that I have been missing all these years.

The secret? Systems, systems, systems. The one common denominator that tripped me up over and over again was the lack of systems. Systemic management has been around for years in big companies documenting process flow, and ways to get things done. Systemic management has been out of the reach or understanding for most businesses, unless you are a franchise owner. Even through ownership of businesses, a four year college education and 3 years of graduate studies, I was never introduced to the value of systemic management and what ownership of a Company should be rather than the grim reality of compounded problems that so many business owners face. But that changed in 2004.

I have been fortunate to have a mentor for the past 5 years, Gary Holt, who has shown me how to create systems within small companies, even family operations but more importantly ANY business. Two years ago, my parents, Owners of a large Electrical Contracting firm, allowed me to use their Company as a guinea pig to live the process of creating a systemic Company. Not what you would think of for the ideal business. But the results are in; Sales nearly double over 2008, increased profits, greater efficiencies allowing for reduction in their rates to be more competitive and constant integration of technology. Yes, we even did it in this economy. Michigan's economy where our unemployment rate is hovering around 11-12%. It works, I have proof and Holt has done the same in over 200 other companies as well.

Lack of systems and systemic management was the one common denominator that was not present in my 24 years of experience. But wait, systems, yes I had systems, but they were in my head undocumented, unpredictable and unrepeatable. Systems are so simple, yet few companies have exposure to the benefit of systemic management. Experiencing systemic management,having systems training, and the experience of life and formal education has allowed me to finally put everything together and make sense out of all of it. I have found it can actually be fun running a business. Yes, I did say fun!

With that training and experience I am introducing the World to a system to create systems in small to medium sized businesses. Everything is coming together and I have finally realized "my calling". I want to help others be successful and show them how running a company can be fun, exciting and rewarding. There is no better time than the present for systemic management, our current economic situation will require innovation in how we do business. I don't think business will ever be done the same way as it has in the past 30 or so years. So, Black and White, it really isn't that simple; life that is. But, through all of the colors of life, I have found the Black and White of management.....the simplistic, systemic way of doing business. Interested in learning more? I will be back tomorrow to introduce you to my systems...maybe it is something that could help you! Let's see.....

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