Monday, March 30, 2009

In Tough Economic times it is Easy to think Negatively

It is easy to get down on yourself or your business in these challenging economic times. I ran accross this quoted passage today and thought it may be useful as some encouragement for others. The media is killing any desire or incentive to get into business at these times. The news you hear all the time, negative news, is what forms your thoughts. Here is some help even if you aren't thinking negatively, it is a great way to manage negative thoughts and ideas by Napolean Hill.

A Negative Mind Spawns Only Negative Ideas.It is a physical impossibility for a negative mind to generate positive thoughts. When you allow yourself to dwell on the negative aspects of life, negative thinking expands to fill all of your thoughts until there is no room for positive thoughts to grow. It becomes an endless cycle."

The habit of negative thinking generates more and more negative thoughts, which the mind attempts to turn into physical reality. The result is a life of despair and hopelessness. Develop the habit of eliminating negative thoughts the moment they appear."

Start small at first. When you first hear that inner voice that says, "I can’t do this," put the thought out of your mind immediately. Instead, concentrate on the task itself. Break it down into manageable parts and complete them one at a time. When the job is finished, tell your doubting self: "You were wrong. I could do it, and I did!"

Napolean Hill

Let's all think positive and maybe all of this negative will disappear and we can all get back to a less stressful world. Hope these thoughts helped you today. What negative thoughts can you get rid of today?

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